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Finding You The Right Frame

We care about finding you the right frame that not only looks good on you but fits properly too. How a frame fits on your nose is the most important part of a properly fitted frame. As much as 60 – 90% of the weight of eyewear rests on the nose. An improper bridge size often results in the glasses slipping down, feeling heavy and can leave marks on your nose, or all three of these problems. There are adjustments that may help IF the frame is adjustable.

Properly fitting glasses is very important and includes several things:


    Temples must be long enough to go behind your ears.


    Your eyes should be close to the center of the lens.


    Nose pad frames offer us the ability to custom  fit your glasses.


    Personalized service with frame and lens selections.


    The frames must be fit based on your prescription. Stronger prescriptions cause lenses to be thicker. The frame size can control the thickness and the weight of your lenses.

    The best solution is to allow your Optician to guide you in the frame selection.

    At A1A Optics, we want you to be comfortable and look great!

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