Do you find your anti-reflective lenses hard to clean? If the answer is yes, read on….

The first question I would ask you is: What is the name of your anti-reflective lenses?

The reason this question is important is because anti-reflective lenses are NOT created equal.

Essilor produces a family of anti-reflective lenses that out preforms most other products.

Crizal Avance is one of the most durable anti-reflective lenses made. The hard surface also makes this coating easier to clean. The surface of the lenses is very hydrophobic. Liquid beads on the surface, both the front and the inside of the lens.

Lenses that are not hydrophobic are not as slick on the surface, so they do not clean as well.

But with all anti-reflective lenses, they can seem hard to clean, even the Crizal lenses. If they seem to smear no matter what you do, the problem may not be the lenses at all. The problem may be that your frame needs to be cleaned. Often what is happening is that body oils have gotten trapped in the rim around the lenses. When you clean the lenses, the cloth you are using picks up some of the oil spreading it across the lenses.

At A1A Optics we believe in service after the sale. We ask our patients to return between 3 to 6months for a complete cleaning of their glasses. We dismantle the glasses, clean the frame in an ultrasonic cleaner, clean the lenses and reassemble the glasses. This is the kind of service that sets us apart.

It is possible that you may have a bigger problem than a simple cleaning. While Crizal lenses are the most durable anti-reflective lenses, not all lenses are as durable. Crizal coatings are bonded to the lenses through a patented process that resists peeling and crazing on the surface of the lenses.

Crazing and peeling have long been a concern with anti-reflective lenses. With these issues, the only solution is to replace the lenses.

Improvements to the anti-reflective products continue to be made. Many multi-layered anti-reflective coatings are close to the performance of Crizal lenses today, offering some cost-saving benefits to the consumer.

At A1A Optics, we are your vision experts. We will be glad to show you the options you maywant on your next pair of glasses. Come see our team!